Dominic is going to be THREE!

I wanted to do something fun and different for Dominic's birthday photos this year. Three year old's never stop moving! I try to make all my sessions with children interactive. I knew allowing Dom to use his creativeness and imagination would keep him busy enough to get some really good photos of him! We started out with an outfit Mom & Dad brought and got some typical shots. He was a little shy at first but I was able to make him laugh! Then we changed into an outfit I provided with the session for the part where he paints! I grabbed a few simple shots of him with the 3 before we got started.

I also grabbed Dom some dinosaurs to paint! He was excited about that! I wanted to give him lots of options and let him freely choose to do what he wanted. When I gave him the instructions and told him he could paint the floor, the dinosaurs and THE WALL he was amazed and super excited!

We laughed the whole time. I really enjoyed doing this with Dom! He listened so well and was so focused on his art work. His art work made the perfect backdrop for his photos. It was a two for one deal. Mom & Dad get to have photos of their child to celebrate a milestone and display his amazing art work on their walls at the same time! I jumped in for a minute and helped him make a 3 on his backdrop! He had fun writing shapes and letters and showing me! He could even take his dinosaurs home when he was done!!

One of my favorite parts of the session was when I told Dominic to paint his hand so he could make hand prints. I encouraged him to put his whole hand in the paint and he SLAMMED his hand down splattering paint everywhere! It was hilarious! He really liked making handprints on the wall. He had mixed some of the colors together and came up with the prettiest green color. There was no cap on his imagination during this session & that is what made it so special!

Happy birthday, Dom! You are so creative and fun! I can't wait to continue to see you grow and learn as a 3 year old!!

I hope to do many more of these sessions in the studio! If you are interested in a session like this please contact me so we can come up with something tailored to your child and their interests!