Lifestyle Newborn in the Studio

Baby Beau came with his Mom & Dad for his second shoot with me since birth. I wanted to make sure his first family pictures were super special! Kate & I began planning the session by sharing ideas and discussing the best color & outfit options for them.

Beau was so pleasant. He ate and slept the whole time. I always make sure to let parents know it is okay to take breaks when the baby needs to eat or cuddle. The baby is my main focus during our sessions and a happy baby is the key to providing amazing photos.

Lifestyle sessions allow for so many intimate moments to be captured. I encourage parents to interact with baby as if I weren't there. Cuddle and sing to them. This allows me to get those moments you want to remember in photographs that you will treasure. There is nothing sweeter than tiny baby hands holding onto mama and dads hands almost as big as baby.

Time goes by so fast and newborns change daily. This is why newborn pictures are so important to invest in. I saw baby Beau a week or so later and he already is bigger!

Thank you Brian, Kate and Beau for coming to see me in the Studio! I can't wait to help you capture many more special times in Beau's life!