This was my second year offering sunflower mini sessions!

When I heard that the owners of the sunflower field at Schwirian Farm were allowing photographers again this year I was ecstatic! I have always loved sunflowers. They are my favorite flower. I have never seen a field of them until last year when I attended the Sunflower Festival at Schwirian Farm in Monongahela. When I pulled into the field that year I had an instant feeling of peace and gratitude. There are sunflowers as far as the eye can see. Multiple fields of never ending sunflowers. Its one of the most beautiful sights!! I also loved how the sunflowers brought the community together! I enjoy seeing all the posts on Facebook with the sunflowers.

I had the pleasure of being able to photograph 15 different families this year! I had families come from as far as 4 hours south from WV and 2 hours north from Erie. I have a feeling the sunflowers are going to become a highly anticipated mini session for years to come and I am HERE FOR IT!

During the mini sessions the Farm is having their Festival so there is options for drinks, food, products, and picking your own flowers! This gave my clients an extra reason to come out for a session and enjoy family time after!

A lot of my sessions were families. Check out some of the beautiful families who came out to update those family portraits!

Some of my favorite shots were the Moms and their babes. I loved having them bring their babies and capturing intimate moments between them with the beautiful backdrop of the sun setting behind the sunflowers. I know how important it is to get those photos of Mom in front of the camera interacting with their children. These are ones I always cherish myself. So when I am able to take these for other moms my heart just skips a beat!

I think sunflower fields can take on many qualities and romantic is on the top of the list! Seeing a couple snuggle and hold hands among the flowers is something I am always happy to catch on camera. Love was in the air at Schwirian Farm and I was blessed to be able to catch it on camera! I hope the couples who came out to see me will print these large and hang them in their home to remind them to always take a minute to smell the flowers TOGETHER. To hold hands and dance in the flowers no matter who is watching!!

Now of course I have to show off some of the kiddos! I felt like a kid myself running through the field, ducking behind giant sunflowers, playing peek a boo and singing songs! I love being able to get on the level of a child and bring out the giggles! I can only imagine how big and awesome sunflowers are for a kid!

I want to thank the owners of Schwirian Farm for being so accommodating and allowing us as a community and as photographers to be a part of their beautiful farm. I can't imagine the hard work that is put in to make this field what it is. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring my clients here.

I am also so thankful for you all and cannot tell my clients that enough. Sunflower Minis 2021 were an incredible success. I hope we all left there feeling a little more serene and a little more blessed. You all have amazing families and it warms my heart to be able to provide you with beautiful images you can pass down for generations!!

I'd like to thank Nicole, for being an amazing friend and being there beside me to assist me both days and capturing all the behind the scenes. (Which I will share below!)

Stay tuned...Coming again next year!!!!