Julie is turning THREE!

Julie has always been a ham for the camera! This was her third session with me this year so far! When her mom contacted me with a couple Pinterest photos she had in mind for Julie's 3rd birthday photos I was beyond excited!

We scheduled for golden hour at Cedar Creek Park and it did not dissapoint. The weather was beautiful and we were able to get that golden sun look. Julie was glowing like a sweet little angel in the sun.

I always stress the importance of the time of day that we shoot for this reason. The sun is so beautiful an hour before sunset (we call this golden hour in the photography world).

I really enjoy my sessions with kids. I like to make it all a game for them. We run and play and I let them lead most of the session. I like the child to have fun and be themselves and by doing this I am able to capture them in the best way possible. I encourage you all to find perfection in the little details. To allow your child to be themselves for the photos. The less we fuss with them and give them directions the more the child will shine. I have a great amount of patience when it comes to the littles because I am sitting back and watching their cues and looking at all the details that should be captured. I want you to remember your child in this moment for ever. I know just how fast the time goes. Before we know it another year is gone.

Sweet Julie, I hope you have an amazing 3rd birthday! I hope to capture many more moments in her and her family's lives.

Here's what Julie's mom Amanda had to say about her session:

"I was worried my little one would be grumpy for pictures because golden hour happens right around her normal bedtime.

But that wasn’t the case at all! Julie had a blast giggling and running around barefoot with Robin.

I am so in love with these sunshine drenched smiley pictures of my baby girl."

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