A common question I am asked.

A common question I am asked is "What should we wear for our session?"

To help answer this question, I've created 3 family outfit groups that will go well together in a sunflower field!

These are some great ideas to help you get started!

First up, the classic color combination of gold and navy.

Also goes well with denim or cornflower blue.

Next up, my personal favorite, The boho look with a white and neutral pallet.

One last idea, black and white.

Tips to help:

1. Pick mom's outfit first and plan everyone else around you. It's important that mom feels good and can build everyone else around that.

2. Coordinate instead of matching. Pick outfits and colors that compliment each other. I like to choose one pattern and build from that. It is not necessary to perfectly match.

3. Stay clear of cartoon characters, logos and other photos on clothes. You want the person in the outfit to be the center of attention.

4. Accessorize! Floppy hats, layers, jewlery, anything fun! Adding texture to photos is important- accessories help.

5. Skip the neon colors. These tend to cast color onto the skin. Neutral, soft, or deeper, bolder colors are better.

6. Check for the small things that sometimes go overlooked:

-Scrunchies and hair-ties on wrists

-Food in teeth or on kids faces

-Watches that are too modern (they just really stand out and date your photos)

-Phones or keys in pockets (or anything, really. Empty those pockets!)

Check out my Pinterest Board for more inspiration!